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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  November 9, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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this is abc15 news . good morning. >> just ahead on the valley's only 11:00 newscast. the hero gunned down. the suspected killer leading police on a manhunt. an inmate escapes. pulling the trick out of the movies. how he managed to get away. working together. we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream. >> trump triumphs. our new president-elect working to unify our country after months of a contentious election. take a good look at the picture we are about to put up on the screen.
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county sheriff's deputies after they say he kicked out the windows of the prison the van and escaped. the search centering on the area of 35th ave and lower buckeye rd. michael hoffman was arrested. they are searching for him. anyone with information, please give mcso a heads up. we will try to get more information and bring it to as soon as it's available. tempe police need you to be on the lookout for this guy. he was seen the following in contacting children at the arizona mills mall on friday. a white man. and a goatee. he was last seen wearing black shoes. we are staying on top of breaking news out of show low. a police officer was killed in the line of duty. the manhunt to catch that suspect. it took hours and shut down a nearby school. this took -- >> reporter: it took a ton of manpower to take the suspected killer down.
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motive. misses are telling me that employees at this days in called 911 yesterday. when heat responded erickson walked up in a black transcode and open fired. police say erickson took off from the scene in this beat up blue blazer and then likely went to the lake of the woods resort. old girl hostage for at least 6 hours. erickson died during a shootout with police. officer read had been with show low police for 10 years. before that he was with the sheriff's office. i thoughts go out to his family and the community. >> they say officer read was a husband, father and member of the community who will be missed. this tragedy is touching many
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drop off water. they wanted to tell them thank you for all that they do and also say how sorry they are about the loss. >> it brings us together. and makes us realize that we are a strong community when it comes down to it. >> it's a very family oriented community and we help each other. >> something that makes you smile in the middle of tragedy. the people have spoken. our country is headed in a new direction. donald trump is our president- elect. senator john mccain will return to the senate for the 6th term. penzone is the new sheriff of maricopa county. the night when sending shockwaves to markets around the world. the dow is now up 176 points. much more election coverage is coming your way. let's get a check of your most
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clear skies. a gorgeous looking start to the day. we have felt the breeze all morning. they are stronger now between 10 -20mph. generally coming out of the east across the valley. sustained winds at phoenix sky harbor up to 20mph. mesa getting some gusts. the breezes are sticking around. of the afternoon. temperatures continue to warm. the warm up is much more gradual than yesterday. we are not seeing the 80s but still in the upper 70s. we will warm up the 80s this afternoon. highs make it to the mid-80s. that is above average the cooler than yesterday. butchers will trend down. i will show you the seven-day forecast in minutes. from the trump tower to the
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starting to transition the day after his unexpected and historic victory over clinton. >> clinton spoke for the 1st time since her shocking defeat. reaction is coming in from president obama. now the latest from new york. >> reporter: lenten confession. >> last night i congratulated donald trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. >> reporter: following the speech after her shocking lost to president-elect donald trump. >> this is not the outcome we wanted or worked hard for. and i am sorry that we did not win this election. >> reporter: trump triumphant as he spent his 1st full day as the man who will be the 45th president to lead this nation. he will do it with a gop controlled house and senate. >> i will be president for all americans and i promise you i will not let you down. we will do a great job. >> reporter: the republican was outspent and down in the polls
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of gratitude for her service to our country. >> reporter: his rhetoric a point of major criticism as he beat out 16 rivals. in the end, excited white working-class men women and lower democratic turnout propelled him to victory. >> it was a campaign for the people and they have spoken. they want a new and different direction. they want different leadership. >> reporter: now that transfer of power. es the man he and others called racist and unfit to be the commander-in-chief. it was a tough campaign for trump the hard work begins to unite the country. tomorrow we will head to washington obama will come him to his future home. a very heated and contentious race here. paul penzone is now the new
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it didn't take long for people to celebrate a piles exit. people started getting together outside the sheriff's office as polls came in. one sign clearly says bye-bye arpaio. this is the 1st time this group has shut down the street. this time they got what they really wanted. new sheriff. >> this is a very proud moment. i feel love by my community and i don't feel as a single individual, feel like we are one. >> people's backs as far as fear. i think the community will feel safer. >> as for the large inflatable balloon, it is possible they will actually send that to arpaio. this morning sheriff joe releasing a statement saying it's been an honor for the last 24 years, the people have spoken and well i am disappointed in the results we respect their decision.
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senator john mccain is looking forward to his 6th term in the u.s. senate. soaring to a double-digit lead against his opponent kirkpatrick. he celebrated last night near downtown phoenix with his family, his staffers and several political friends. he wanted to go out with a bang. the senior senator hunting this election may be his last. >> i think this mit last. thank you for your love and support. thank you for everything and that my friends was a full heart and ready to get back to work for you i will say good night. thank you one last time for making me the luckiest guy i know. god bless. >> mccain turned 80 this summer. he is currently the chair of the senate armed services
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some distance between him and donald trump. and the 2 work together next --? we will dive deeper into politics coming up. firefighters scratching their heads as they tried to figure out what caused this fire in the east valley. why they believe it was suspicious. caliban sending a message to our new president. what they want him to do as soon as he takes the oath of office. >> were you shocked by the news of donald trump winning the election? or did you hop on to vote.
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we are tracking several stories. a body found near southern and 100 and 107th avenue. we don't know much right now but
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san tan valley authorities investigating this fire in the wayne ranch area. it started around 6 am. this video is from viewer carol springer. the house was under construction and investigators believe it is suspicious. it's not clear how much damage was done. 4 people dead after this crash along us 93. that is the main route from the valley to las vegas. 2 vehicles were involved. the road was shut down for seve a serious grass -- crash near the biltmore area. 2 cars involved. one car was stuck in some scaffolding. the power blinked for a moment in the area but no serious injuries. investigators to figure out what sparked this inferno in 26th and thomas in phoenix. ar-15 giving us these incredible images. the flames shooting into the sky. the charred aftermath on the right side.
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flames including propane tanks and oleander. 5 structures caught fire in addition to power lines. several school districts are saying yes after getting bond measures passed. but there was some disappointment. i am watching areas south
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here's a live look at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. also the white house. donald trump's new home in about 75 days. tonight's big win expecting to send shockwaves through the world. financial world. this is a look at the live tao. more local election coverage. expected to be one of e contentious races in the state but o'halleran defeated paul babeu. o'halleran says the 1st issue to focus on is ethics. >> i believe the american people are sending a strong signal the government that they want us to put together -- work together and street -- treat them respectfully and were not out there for big money
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the strict 2. martha is ahead. >> incumbents paul goes are was able to keep his seat. and voters into valley cities decided to keep their incumbent mayors. jim lane will stay on the job. and in the west valley a closer race in avondale. kenneth was appointed to the new position 2 years ago and city's vice mayor. >> the corporation commission battle still too close to call. the 3 republicans on the pallets -- ballots all have slight leads over the democrats. there is 4 percentage points between 1st and 5th. the top 3 vote getters will get office. an important night for
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voters approved more money for schools in scottsdale, tempe and for other districts. but voters in peoria, gila bend and queen creek voted against those measures. the peoria unified superintendent releasing this statement. will disappointing it's in no way impacting our unwavering commitment to students. in the short term the district will look internally to determine how to address some more district needs. more money for police and fire in tempe. paradise valley in scottsdale voted to in mesa, supported -- peoria and surprise voters said no to propositions and funding measures. a commuter tram near lended tipped over on its side this morning. killing 5 people and injuring 5 others -- 50 others. 2 people had to be rescued from the wreckage. one man is in custody. apparently the driver. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. take a look at this video
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huge plumes of smoke rising from the storage building in that former bethlehem steel plant. people in the area have been forced to evacuate. several hazmat crews are on the scene. people say they heard explosions before seeing all of the flames. about half-hour later the roof of the building collapsed. no word on what caused the fire. if you're thinking of stepping outside, it's nice. but there are some wins. >> lower than yesterday. but the winds have been ongoing all morning. were feeling those breezes valley wide. and across portions of the state. right now we are sitting at 79. remember this time yesterday we were in the mid-80s. again, temperatures are warming much slower today. but the winds have been strong between 5-15mph, or at least stronger through the morning
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coming out of the east around 20 miles per hour sustained. we're actually getting a few gusts upwards of that between 20-25mph. generally between 10-20 miles per hour is what we are seeing. these winds are sticking around as we go into the afternoon. it's not just the valley but across southern arizona where we are feeling some of the strongest winds. sustained winds at 28 miles per hour in tucson. wind gusts as high as 40 miles per hour. just like yesterday, we are feeling the strongest breezes to our south the feeling those here too. they will start to lighten up after the middle part of the afternoon. after sunset they should be lighter than what we felt overnight. as we go through the next few hours, gusts for 25mph in the phoenix area. they will peak around 35mph
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the reason the windsor kicking up is because we have a storm system sitting to the south. it will linger to the south so that means the breezes stay for today and tomorrow we have some breezes, not as strong. we will also get a little bit of moisture in the southeast arizona. and's more cloud cover. but not much in terms of rain. today we state sunny statewide through the afternoon. tonight looking all clear across the state. tomorrow is when the clouds start to move back into southeast arizona. we may get a few passing high clouds in the valley but still mostly sunny and as you look at futurecast, not much in terms of rain. it looks like it will stay well off to the east. with the valley and high country staying dry before the disturbance clears out. we will track another storm system by sunday. that one not bring enough moisture. so for now that forecast looks dry for the valley and for the state as we go through the next 7 days.
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today, 79. we warm into the low 80s into the lunch hour. the breezes will stick around. you're going to be on the patio please know it will be breezy and windy. by this afternoon the highs make it into the mid-80s. we topped out at 85. 5 degrees lower than yesterday. but keep in mind that is still above the average for this time of year. another day of unseasonably warm temperatures. just not as warm as yesterday. over the next few days temperatures will keep trending down. i will tell you hello they go before the weekend it just a few minutes. a few races in the valley are still too close to call. we will break those down for
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prince harry taking action telling the media to stop harassing his girlfriend. he says a line has been crossed when it comes to american actress. he says merkel has been spared in newspapers with undertones of racism and sexism. she is biracial. her mother is and her father is caucasian. the letter states the paparazzi have tried to break into her toronto home. this was the 1st confirmation that the 2 are a couple. angelina jolie and brad pitt avenue custody agreement. the divorcing celebs signed a legal agreement continuing the previous arrangement for their 6 children, angelina jolie has custody and the kids continue therapeutic visits with brad pitt.
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classroom. >> no worries, he sends in his robot. >> you want to we'll forward for the morning meeting? >> there you go. grady is battling a rare condition and because of that he misses a lot of school. but he is able to attend class from home by remotely piloting a robot on wheels from his laptop. it's avatar style. >> the device is equipped with a camera and microphone. it allows him to interact with his 4th grade teachers and classmates. without risking infection. trouble, after closing all the testing centers the blood testing company faces a new problem. president obama getting ready to welcome trump to the
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the white house, president obama inviting president-elect trump for meeting tomorrow. they're expected to talk about plans for a smooth transition of power. the president phone trump to congratulate him. and in a statement he called on our nation to come together. >> we are now all rooting for success. in uniting in leading the country. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our
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secretary clinton to express his admiration for the strong campaign she waged. the taliban is calling on trump to withdrawal us forces in afghanistan. the group is sending a letter to the officiated press saying trump and his administration should allow the afghans to be a free nation and to develop their own relationships without interference. the conflict in afghanistan is in its 16th year. many heading to the streets not to celebrate but to protest. in the bay area protesters lit fires in san francisco. a state one person was given a citation. san diego one protester was hit by a car. students marched onto a highway and in oregon or blocking of the streets. protests shutting down the light rail. roughly 1,000,000 early ballots were sent in the three quarters office is paying -- playing catch-up.
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been dropped off on election day. allison rodriguez has more. >> reporter: they are still gathering and processing a lot of the mail in ballots that were dropped off. they are gathering them in here in the maricopa county elections office. they are not even going to start counting them until tomorrow. as many as 200,000 early ballots were turned in on election day. that is on top of 170 170,000 early ballots being processed. workers have to go through one by one and verify signatures. we haven't seen a lot of counting going on overnight. that did have some people frustrated. still county recorder says it is not unusual. >> it's not a process that takes couple of hours. this takes some time. we have had teams working around the clock. >> reporter: so the tech -- today the task is sorting and separating. they hope to finish 50,000
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they we -- that may be one reason why folks are still being counted. long lines at polling places across the valley. that may not be a surprise for the tech at -- secretary of state but voters set several new records in arizona including voter registration, early voting and record number of ballots cast. >> we plan on being there all night untith county reports. >> also thinking those who worked hard on keeping the ban in place on ballot harvesting. that hurts minority voters. the pot movement was delta big blow. voters rejecting the legalization of marijuana. it failed by a narrow margin. despite millions of dollars in advertising spend on both sides.
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favor of a proposition that allows marijuana for medical purposes. >> a very long road. to make sure arizona becomes more progressive and inclusive. fighting for more education funding and better worker rights. we still don't have fair work schedules and there are a lot of things to work on. >> a big victory for proposition 206. the minimum wage will increase to $10 per hour on the 1st of the year. by 2020. and mandatory paid sick leave. one race we can't call is the maricopa county recorder race. it is too close to call. he decided to run after he witnessed the horrendous lines. the incumbent has served 27 years and has made several major mistakes involving
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>> through that office your voice goes to the government. through that office your representatives are selected. through that office hour democracy lives. >> he says if he wins he would provide better training and process ballots faster. another contest it to be called is the race for maricopa county attorney. right now montgomery rodriguez. let's take a closer look. montgomery, 53 percent with almost 543,000. rodriguez 47 percent coming in at just over 481,000. we spoke with montgomery last night. he told us he is feeling confident. >> we are nationally recognized as a high performing prosecution agency. with that comes confidence and
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as soon as it's decided. in the meantime the balance of power in the senate is leaning to the left. republicans 115 seats. democrats took 12 and there are 3 races to call. republicans losing a couple of seats in the state house but still maintaining a majority. the gop is still in control of both houses of congress. here's where the balance of power stands. republicans get the house majority with compared to democrats 176. republicans keeping control of the senate with a big win in pennsylvania. the republicans have 52 seats and democrats have 48. speaking of the senate arizona voters decided to give john came another chance -- john mccain. he was elected to his 6th term. what does that mean for he and donald trump? cain decided to stop supporting
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access hollywood tape surfaced. but now the trump will be in the oval office, the 2 will have no choice but to work together. from the sounds of his victory speech, mccain is willing to amend those fences. >> i promise you, i will work as hard as i ever have, is all of my knowledge and experience and relationships and extend an open hand to our new president. and my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to solve our problems together. >> became digit victory. more developing local news. we're still working to find out more information about the hazmat situation that happened in scottsdale. we brought you this is breaking news. crews were at a building fire near pima road and it appears to be some sort of a business plaza.
11:37 am
or than 1 dozen crews on scene. we are working to find out if there were any injuries. do not panic. the sound of sirens from the nuclear generation station have nothing to do with the presidential election. the plant is performing the federally required testing of 58 outdoor warning sirens. a.-- adot let drivers know. in less than 2 weeks the overpass at grand avenue could be complete. adot and announcing it's on track to finish the project by november 22. that is if there are no weather delays. crews will start working on ramps to and from grand and the eastbound lanes which is expected to be finished by baseball spring training. ilene pinal county is moving ahead. funding isn't secured. adot and the federal highway administration are working on
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and i-10. being president will give you a lot of stress. >> trump said to take on one of the toughest jobs in the world. but it his spot -- is his body ready for? doctors revealing what he can do to stay healthy.
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the secret service is taking no chances when it comes to mike pence is they began setting up a perimeter around his governor's mansion. they also announced new restrictions preventing planes, helicopters and drones coming within 1 mile of the residents. pence is expected to serve as governor of indiana until january 20 when he will be sworn in as vice president. being president will likely be the most stressful job of trump's career. the president ages 2 years for
11:41 am
the key to keeping it under control is managing lifestyle habits. >> the decisions are huge and whoever is president, they have to do healthy things to stay vibrant and keep their brain functioning. >> he says the main piece of advice is to keep his friends close so he has someone to talk to about his problems. also to work out, limit alcohol and tobacco. and meditate. 2 races have become the 1st indian-american us senator was elected last night. he received 40 percent of the primary vote. harris is a rising star in the democratic party. name came up as a possible vice president pick for clinton and as a potential successor to scalia on the supreme court. catherine cortez must that will go down as the 1st latino senator.
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but she will take place at harry reid who is retiring. free trading numbers limited following the presidential results. will take a look at the wall street rebound. it's going to be a nice
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we are keeping a close eye on wall street.
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206 points. 18,500 18,539. donald trump shocking upset -- donald trump's shocking upset send the market pummeling overnight. leaders try to assess the impact. we go to washington with more. >> reporter: wall street opening with the numbers seesawing throughout the morning. global marchers expected that. >> he is unpredictable. markets don't like unpredictability. >> reporter: traders were banking on a victory since stocks plunged overnight. the news making international headlines this morning. >> good news. this man in the white house but crazy ideas. >> i didn't think this could happen. >> reporter: trumps unpredictability has somewhat nervous overseas.
11:46 am
trump america. >> this is for sure a difficult moment between united nations -- united states and the european union. >> reporter: vladimir putin among the 1st to congratulate him. and other world leaders quickly followed suit. >> to ensure we can maintain the security and prosperity of our 2 nations in the future. >> stock market, analysts say until investors get clarity on trumps economic lessees expect the market to remain unsettled. in other business news more trouble for blood testing company theranos after walgreens filed a lawsuit claiming breach of contract. it was filed in delaware. the wall street journal seeking -- reporting they are seeking
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centers in arizona were shut down after questions came up about the reliability. now a consumer alert. propos is grounding its new karma drone. issuing a recall that the devices are losing power mid air. 2500 models have been sold since october 23. $800 each. customers are being offered full refunds. what we did not recreational marijuana other states did. california, massachusetts and nevada. however it is too close to call in maine where it looks like it will be a 50-50 split. separated by less than 5000 votes. some people in northern california will pay more for
11:48 am
francisco, oakland in albany approved a soda tax saying it will help curb diabetes. they follow berkeley a -- berkeley in philadelphia. there is a hiring event today for veterans. it goes from 11-4. were told they are looking to fill full and part-time spots. there are several jobs open for positions like chef, courtesy clerks and positions in management. cold enough for jackets. but it's almost time to pull out your skis. arizona's largest ski area was hoping to open on friday. that got pushed back one week. >> temperatures are still above freezing its noble making it difficult to make snow. i would imagine that is going to change soon. >> temperatures are going to turn down. yesterday we hit 90. today we're not going to hit 90. that is good news. but we are going to still feel unseasonably warm temperatures by this afternoon.
11:49 am
gradually warming. slower than yesterday. you can see were running several degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. still plenty of 70s out there. spots at peoria checking in at 79. 79 in phoenix in chandler. gilbert in the upper 70s. we have started to warm into the 80s in good here and surprise. and we will see temperatures across the valley warm into the 80s will keep the breezes around for several more hours. right now the strongest winds at phoenix sky harbor coming out of the east. these are sustained winds. between about 10-20mph. as we go through our lunch hour and even into the early afternoon, plan on the wind gusts to be as high as 20 at 25mph. breezy through the lunch hour. temperatures warming into the 80s.
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mid-80s by midafternoon. sunny, warm and dry with a high of 85 in your most accurate forecast. 5 degrees cooler than yesterday. no 90s but still about 6 degrees above the average. we are at 79 in phoenix. we are only in the 50s in spots like flagstaff. 65 in prescott. we have is clear skies across the state. and believe it or not there's a storm system sitting off to southeast. that is kicking up the breezes in south arizona. it's keeping the moisture to the east. we won't see any moisture over the next few days. at least here in the valley or high country. even western arizona looking dry through the end of the week and into the weekend. by sunday another storm system moves through. that not showing rain chances. that seven-day forecast will stay dry here in the valley and up north. aperture wise today it's cooler than yesterday.
11:51 am
some relief with sunny skies. a nice day again. possibly dusty to our south. some reports of blowing dust downing casagrande. if you're driving south of the valley along i-10 the possibility is there. the wind gusts could kick up the dust channels. temperatures will drop into the 50s and 60s across central arizona tonight. we will get freezing up north in spots. tomorrow morning a bit of a cooler start with 50s and 60s. a chill in the air. morris heights temperature should be nice. above average but closer to the average with a high of only 81. keeping those low 80s in the forecast through the weekend before another warm up kicks in. back into the mid and upper 80s. if you have a cat at home you'll love this story.
11:52 am
road. >> you can see a man passing a cat. he quickly turns around to go back and check out his new furry friend. the rider pulls over, looks it to the cat, picks it up and places it in the driveway. he turns around to continue. he makes one final check and notices is still safe in the driveway. you can see today's top
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11:54 am
abc15 poll of the day. >> now to our results. we wanted to know who was shocked by the news of donald trump winning this election. 18 percent say you are shocked by the outcome. 82 percent expected it. as we come up to the noon hour, we are searching --
11:55 am
michael hoffman escaped from prison transport van. were told the search has centered on the area of 1024. >> the manhunt for accused cop killer in show low -- cop killer in show low is over. daniel erickson was killed during a shootout with police. an officer was responding to a disturbance call when erickson shot and killed them. >> we are waiting to hear the results of several races. counted. officials say they don't plan to count the votes until tomorrow. today they will verify signatures. now a quick check of what's coming up on the now. a break from election. the holidays are near. a lot of people will be heading to the mall. but right now is a safety alert. it could put your family at risk.
11:56 am
the results are in. on the presidential level, what to donald trump 1st 100 days in office look like? what is next for hillary clinton? that's what were talking about and it's coming your way at 4 pm. the britts are fighting back against the maker of toblerone. >> recently customers noticed something different. the faces between the trunks -- the spaces between the chunks are bigger. that means less candy. the company says it had to cut back on the chocolate because of the cost of ingredients. right now when you buy one of those chocolate bars you will pay the same price but get less chocolate. >> a quick story, a friend of mine got married and all her husband wanted were toblerone
11:57 am
he registered and got a time. air 15 is heading south of the valley. there you see it. this is in casagrande. along the 347 we see the dust kicked up. we see this in the area. we have some areas where we get winds kicking a. that. if you're traveling south of the valley make it pockets of low visibility. the breezes are sticking around. they will lighten up after sunset. high of 85 and temperatures start to trend down. some lingering breezes tomorrow. tomorrow 81. are election coverage
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